From Ekay. From RunAddict Sound. Officially BURN-ADDiCT


Thank you for visiting my website! This is where I'll post some exclusive sounds (for limited times only), I'll also flash bits and snippets of WIP (Work In Progress),

I'll be available to reply to any requests made on the contact form. I'll also share blog posts that will bring you the news of my productions, mixes and all releases... first.

About Me

First things first, I'm from Ekay (Formally known as Ekangala, Gauteng North in South Africa). My first musical project was in 2012, but I prefer saying I started in 2013; that's when I started making... ummh... Music that I could play without hiding my face.

Things like my birthday and influences are found in my bio. Almost everyone who knows me says I'm weird... Because I am weird, I think. I love black, I like.... Wait a min... this is starting to sound like an internet dating profile... I'll stop here, you know where to find me if you need me

Here's what's new

2018 is only just kicking into effect (I know it's a bit late, right?) and a bunch of music is coming. Release periods will be April, July and some more (undecided) months.

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