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if you prefer using email, address it to: [email protected]

For bookings, collaborations and such, send an email to   [email protected]

Now, here is a scenario; you like my music, you want it and more to come, but for some inconvinient reason, you can't... then get on my mailing list. at least once a month, I send one song to the people in my mailing list, for free. This is honestly because I prefer getting to know my audience one-by-one (for now, I currently have a low number of active fans).

if you want to get into my mailing list, send fill out the form above, and in the message, mention that you also want my music. I constantly check my emails and would know if I received an email through this website. Please use my email if you come into problems with the form.

For the others who know me personally and would like to talk to me about matters outside music and the related business, then please go to my twitter and contact me there.