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By: BURN-ADDiCT | February 23, 2018

This song was made to be used in a time-lapse video showcasing the digital drawing process by Neo. Links to the video will be shared when available.

UPDATE (19 May 2018):  The linked song has been deleted. This is part of the decision I took which I've talked about on facebook and twitter.

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Tags: EDM, Ekangala, Dance 

By: BURN-ADDiCT | May 22, 2016

Before you judge... just remember I hadn't slept in over 25 hours...

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By: BURN-ADDiCT | March 05, 2016

I've been very inspired lately and haave began working on my new new... you know... the new ish that will make 2016 a year of progress and (hopefully) prosperity.

I think that's all I wanted to say... but I'll keep typing in case I remember something important...

Okay, this isn't working, let's leave it there... I have things to produce

By: BURN-ADDiCT | October 10, 2015

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