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By: BURN-ADDiCT | August 25, 2017

You probably have seen on my social media pages, Headache is currently on the Hot99 dubstep chart on YFM. I just wanted to thank everyone who's listened to the show and gave feedback. Also, very important, thank you to Feroza (the hostess of the show).

If you haven't listened yet, it's never too late. The show plays on YFM every wednesday at 9am and repeats at 9pm (the same wednesday). YFM is available on DSTV ch. 859.

If you still miss it, you can usually download the latest episode from this link: http://yworld.co.za/music/dubstep_wed

from the above link, you can stream the latest episode, or save it offline. You also have the option to listen to live YFM broadcast from that same link, that option should be at the top of the page.

There is more music coming, more milestones to reach and more more. More. and many more. lol.

Thank you.

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