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By: BURN-ADDiCT | May 17, 2017

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By: BURN-ADDiCT | May 01, 2017

I've posted previously on Twitter and Instagram about the stuff I've been working on, the dubstep sounds and all. Some time within the next couple of months, it will be made public. For now, the single "Headache" is the harbinger of the collection, expect this in the coming week on Beatport.

I would also like to the thank all the people who were generous with their time and gave feedback to some of my previous work, it really helps the future take shape.

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By: BURN-ADDiCT | February 27, 2017

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By: BURN-ADDiCT | February 07, 2017

I'm kinda too tired to type a comprehensive description of the Tumblr post I recently made, but at the same time, I would like you to give it a read...

So..... well...   Click on  this link

By: BURN-ADDiCT | August 01, 2016

I've been working on some new ideas lately and paying little attention to the online world... One of these new ideas is Sirius.

I'll be uploading a few previews soon but for now's to keep calm and collected