From Ekay. From RunAddict Sound. Officially BURN-ADDiCT


About me

BURN-ADDiCT's music taste is very diverse and some times has nothing in common with the style of music he produces; Electronic Dance Music (EDM). In 2014, RunAddict Sound was born; RAS is the independent record label founded by BURN-ADDiCT and hip-hop artist DollR (Mluleki Mtsweni). Misty Thoughts was released as the first digital album in 2014, making it BURN-ADDiCT's first compilation release; containing some of his earlier work (which was basically tribal house and some experimental work). 2015 was the year of release of the second compilation album titled "This Is Not A Sentence"; this was mostly progressive house and electronica. As you probably can already tell; The genre does not matter, what matters is the emotion of the song and the manipulation of energies of the listener. BURN-ADDiCT had a shift in music production to produce genres surrounding progressive house and dubstep. Headache is a single released by BURN-ADDiCT, this rather fictional, dubstep song was the first of BURN-ADDiCT's songs to be played on one of South African national radios.

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